The 30 participants meet in Dieren, the Netherlands on May 10th 2011 to begin our tour. Over the next 13 days we will ride an average 50 km per day. Key moments on the tour will include a visit to: Groningen, the world’s number one cycling city with 60% of all trips done by bicycle; Utrecht where they will meet the cycling infrastructure experts from Fietsberaad, the Dutch centre for cycling policy; Houten, which is recognised as a yardstick of a live-able sustainable city, where the direct route to town is on the bike path and cars are forced to use peripheral roads.
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Tuesday 10th May – L or A – Gazelle Factory -

11am – We meet at the train station in Dieren, The Netherlands (A or L). Once everybody is together, we will walk to Gazelle HQ (500m walk) where we will be given a factory tour and pick our bikes up. We will stay in Eerbeek for the night.

Wednesday 11th May – A to B – 60km

Eerbeek to Zwolle – Our first day of the cycle tour will take us to Zwolle (B), a city with high cycle use.

Thursday 12th May – B to C – 70km

Zwolle to Assen (C) via Giethoorn – Moving further north, we cycle to Assen, where 41% of journeys are by bike.

Friday 13th May – C – guided Tour

Assen – We plan to have a guided tour by world renowned bicycle blogger, David Hembrow.

Saturday 14th May – C to D – 27km

From Assen, we cycle to and stay for 2 nights at, “The world’s #1 cycle city”, Groningen.

Sunday 15th May – D – free day

A free day in Groningen for some R & R

Monday 16th May – D to E – 75 Km

From Groningen, we cycle through the beautiful region of Friesland to our destination at Sneek (Prounouced ‘Snake’) – E on the map.

Tuesday 17th May – E to F – 28km

We cycle from Sneek to Hindeloopen (F) for a taste of a really small authentic Dutch village

Wednesday 18th May – F to H – (70km Cycle & 25km Ferry)

We travel by bike to catch the ferry for a relaxing lift across the ‘IJsselmeer’, the main body of water in The Netherlands and then cycle onto the cycling mecca that is Amsterdam (H).

Thursday 19th May – H – free day

A free day for some R & R and to experience Amsterdam (H).

Friday 20th May – H to I – 49km

We leave Amsterdam to visit Utrecht (I). The plan is to visit the Fietsberaad, the Dutch centre for cycling policy. The objective of the Fietsberaad is the development, dissemination and exchange of practical knowledge and experience for cycling policy. We will be getting a talk from a representative from the organisation.

Saturday 21st May – I to J

We cycle from Utrecht to Houten (J), famous for being a model of sustainability and bicycle transport planning.

Sunday 22 May – J to K – 55km

We ride to the beautiful National Park, ‘De Hoge Veluwe’ and stay in the peaceful village of Otterlo (K).

Monday 23nd May – K to L – 30km

Return to Gazelle at Dieren to pick up luggage and officially end the tour, in Dieren.