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The Hembrows

Update: David Hembrow has posted an excellent summary of the tour on his blog.

On Friday 13 May, David & Judy Hembrow took us on a tour of Assen and the surrounding area, focussing on how this region has managed to achieve a cycling modal share above 40% for all trips (compared to Australia’s paltry 1-2% – with the exception of the Northern Territory that is…).

I can’t explain much of this better than David Hembrow can so I would suggest you head over to his excellent blog, A View From The Cycle Path.

Shortly, Paulo & Rowena will be uploading a film so I won’t say too much about the day. Instead I have some photographs for you to enjoy.

A comfortable ride...

David Hembrow. A few stills from the book can be seen here:

Forbidden to park a bicycle or moped outside the parking area.

How Assen used to look in the 1970s

...and how Assen looks today (similar angle)

This roundabout is a bit atypical, in that the road to the left is actually just the entrance to a sporting area, so there is very little traffic using it. Mark Wagenbuur wrote a very good description of how Dutch roundabouts work:

Mark Wagenbuur joined us on this public hire bike. This is how they do it here:

David Hembrow & Rowena Crowe

Paul van Bellen

Judy Hembrow

Bill Bretherton

Andrew McAdam

Joanne Jones

Alison Jones

Bernard Hockings & Bill Bretherton

Discussing cycle infrastructure in a typical residential street. Cars do not have through-access everywhere (bicycles do) and there is almost no on-street parking. It is quiet and safe.

The bicycle is social tool as much as a transport tool. Everyday cycling in everyday clothes.

James from Perth joins us for a day in Assen

Rebecca from Perth joins us for a day in Assen

Gael Reid

Ben Grounds

Marilyn Hughes

Graham Hunter

Rowena Crowe

Marilyn Hughes' decorated bicycle

Patricia Paddick's beautiful bicycle

Alison Jones' colourful wheels

Alison Jones' handlebar flowers

Andrea McAdam's 'suitable warning device' :)